It Was a Dark and Stormy Night (Day)

A very rainy day in the woods picking wild mushrooms, a man can just barely be seen in the gloom.It really felt like it was night during this hunting expedition. Mike is barely visible behind a small tree as he searches in the Oregon Grape bushes for the elusive wild mushrooms of the Pacific Northwest. The rain pelted us the whole time, and the woods were foggy, barely light enough to see the mushrooms. His orange hunter vest and red hat don’t show up as much as the backpack with white five gallon bucket on his back. Since this was early in the hunt, the backpack is empty. Later on we propped the pack by a tree and shuttled mushrooms to it.Five gallons of fresh chanterelle mushrooms.Once we were back at the house, the cleaning process began. It takes just as much time to clean the needles and forest debris from the delicate mushrooms as it did to go out and pick them.


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