Final Eight for the Year

The last eight calves born for this year’s calving season are being weaned. The count is four heifers and four bulls.
They have been separated from their mothers and get their fill of sweet grass hay while the weaning process has the mothers filling up with milk. By the third day, the mothers start to dry up and are not worried about their calves since they are content away from them.
After the final eight spent the three days in the barn across the river, they were loaded into the stock trailer and moved across the road to the show barn where I take over the care and feeding.
Since they are already comfortable putting their heads into the stanchions, they do not hesitate to start eating right away. The first day, I sprinkle some grass seed screening pellets onto the hay. All eight of them like the taste and within the week the group is eating about three gallons of pellets at each feeding. The sweetness of the molasses is the draw to get them started, and the pellets help fill their bellies.
Now that they are eating well, the bulls will be separated from the heifers. The four bulls will go out into the bull pen with the other weaned bulls. The heifers will get the freedom of the larger pen in the barn with the three other heifers from the last weaning. They also have access to an outdoor pen next to the barn.
Soon it will be time to start advertising the weaned animals for sale.


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