Moving the Greens Inside

For the first time since early March, I bought some lettuce at the grocery store. Talk about sticker shock. It cost me $1.69 for a few leaves of lettuce!
I have been harvesting buckets of lettuce every couple of days continuously since spring and didn’t give it a second thought until the latest round of cold weather turned the last of my outdoor lettuce into a watery mess.
It was time to move the growing inside.
I pulled out the seed mixture for growing green sprouts and an empty pickle jar that I had run through the dishwasher for sanitizing. During the summer, I am too involved with the outdoor garden to also grow sprouts. Now that I am in the house more, the sprouts are a good way to stretch my purchased lettuce for salads and sandwiches.

Until I start harvesting my own lettuce in the spring, I’ll continue to grow sprouts indoors once a week.


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