What We Do

A was asked what we do when there is flooding and we can’t get across the bridge to feed the cows.

During the 1000 year flood of 2007, Mike had to drive up the road in a big pickup to the Sunset Highway and drive in a logging road that comes close to a piece of property that matches up with the back side our our place. Then it was a hike of several hours to get to the back of our property and down the hill to the barn. After feeding the cows, he would have to hike back up the hill and out to the logging road where he could get to the pickup to drive home. It was an all day task.

During this recent minor flooding, our bridge was not accessible with the gator because the water was too high. We were able to walk to the bridge by only walking the high spots.

View of the high water mark on the bridge.The mud line on the bridge shows how high the water got during the night. By the time we walked across to feed the cows, the water had receded significantly but we still could not drive the gator to the bridge.

The actual feeding of the livestock is a topic of my post for tomorrow.


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