Change Is In the Air

(This post was actually supposed to be scheduled for Dec. 10. With the series of storms that had come into the area and the flooding that occurred,  I interrupted the schedule and moved this post to Dec. 15. The change in the air was a lot more than I had anticipated.)

I had mentioned in an earlier post that the weather forecasters have been predicting a warm up. The last week had been cold and clear all morning. As the sun started to lighten the sky this morning, I saw the beginning of the break to the cold weather.

Morning sunrise bounces pinks off the scant clouds that dot the horizon.


Clouds started forming just before sunrise, it was still only 16 degrees.
By 9am the clouds had covered the sky and had started to turn darker as they thickened up. The temperature did start to moderate by mid-day and was 29 degrees shortly after noon.
Evening brought sprinkles and glare ice. The coating of clear ice was not too severe because there was not a lot of moisture. This is predictable for the end of a cold period. It either silver-thaws like now or the invading system packs on a foot or more of snow onto the cold ground. This time we were fortunate and the change from cold to warmer was pretty mild.
This moderation of temperature is expected to remain in the forecast for the next week. I’m looking forward to getting some tasks done around here that the frozen ground would not let me do.

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