SAF Mulberry

American Angus Association  registration number 18211998

Birth date 2/19/2015

Birth weight 85 lbs.

You may remember Mulberry from the post on 8/17/2015 where Mulberry and his Mother Sitka won Supreme at the Clark County Fair.

Even at that young age, there was quite a bit of interest in Mulberry with the potential to be a great herd sire. He was a stout, solidly built bull with an easy gait and mild demeanor.

Mulberry will be a good choice for sire in herds that need a an animal that will work well with young heifers and older cows. He is referred to a a heifer bull because his expected progeny will have low birth weights with vigorous growth from birth.

Since he was shown at a couple of fairs, he is comfortable with people. He walks easily with a halter and does not get spooked by noises or movement around him.

He is a calm animal when moving between pens, barns and trailers and we use him to keep the other bulls from getting worked up when we are shuffling groups around.



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