Wouldn’t of Thunk It

Cows are good swimmers, surprisingly good swimmers. We have seen cows that take calves through the river just hours after birth. The mother walks into the river with her calf on the upstream side of her. When the water is high enough to take the legs out from under the calf, the baby bumps against the side of the cow moving through the river. The push of the water holds the baby close to the mothers side like it is tethered.

When the river is high, the cows usually do not even attempt to cross the river.  But this last week, it seems like for no good reason at all, a couple of the larger, older and we would of thought wiser cows decided to cross the river to investigate all the smooth silt that covered the low field on this side.

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We would not have even know that any cows had been across the river except for seeing the footie prints down to the river on the far side and trails through the silt on this side. Without seeing it firsthand, I would not have thunk that the cows would have attempted to cross while the water was still running so swift and high.



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