Breakfast Had to Wait

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When I went out to the barn for the morning feeding, I noticed that heifer #95, Triscuit,  was in labor. She was far down in the woods and did not want to come up to the barn because she was in the mid-stages of labor.

We brought her up to the barn and put her inside in a clean stall so that she could have her baby in a comfy, dry spot. Soon after bringing her inside, she had a foot pushed out during contractions with the foot sliding back inside between contractions.

During the next hour she was able to deliver a healthy bull calf. He was born in a hurry to get up and get moving, he struggled for about 10 minutes before he stood up on his own. As soon as he figured out forward momentum without falling over, he went right to nursing.

This is the second calf of the new crop of calves.


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