The Only Icy Puddle in the Whole Field

The very first day of going without my heavy brace and lopsided mud boots showed that I am not the only one on the farm that has issues during winter weather.

The newest calf of the herd found the only icy puddle in the pasture. I was heading out to the barn for the morning chores and saw the little calf near the edge of the ice, just sniffing around. He happened to step out onto the frozen puddle and next thing I saw was legs going this way and that. The mother cows were mooing at the commotion. It was quite an uproar.

A small calf is slipping and slidding on an ice puddle in the pasture with mothers looking on concerned.

By the time I could snap a picture, little Topper scrambled across the puddle and got his front legs onto the solid grass at the far end. The little feller was panting for several minutes while he got his wind back. He moved into the barn with the rest of the animals and found a soft, dry spot to take a little nap.

Luckily, the small calf is more flexible than I am and did not hurt himself in the early morning skating.

I’m sure that when I did my flop in the yard, I looked much like that little calf struggling across the puddle as I crawled back to the house.

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