Ice Event

Murphy’s Law is always in force around the farm. It would figure that on the morning of a scheduled bull delivery,  we had what the meteorologists call an ice event.  A week of cold weather had froze the ground solid, at 19 degrees during the coldest night, a weather system moved in and miniature dry snow flakes started to fall.

As the weather system stalled, it warmed enough to change the  snow to rain. When it hit the ground, trees, and vehicles it coated everything with thick ice. All schools and government offices closed for the day. Travel was dicey at best.

The delivery had been scheduled since early last year. This is a repeat buyer that ranches on the very southernmost border of Oregon. He drives his trailer up to Eugene as Mike drives the bull in our trailer down to meet him. They swap the bull at this half-way point avoiding a night time stay for either crew and making it easier on the animal.

Phone calls were made and even with a two hour delay, the roads were still slick. But the other trailer was already waiting at Eugene for the delivery.

Tire chains and four wheel drive got the bull safely to the transfer.


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