Still Harvesting Potatoes

The wild weather of winter has hampered the enjoyment of fresh produce from the garden but hasn’t wiped it out completely.

I still have about five hills of potatoes left in the garden. These are the ones that I planted in the tire stacks, see the blog Potato Update

The tires are stacked around the potatoes as the plants grow. Weeding is kept to a minimum and each hill on average grow more potatoes than basic in the ground planting.

As I tried to separate the tires to harvest a stack, I found that they were still frozen from the several days of temperature in the teens last week. The top tire was frozen solid and so were those potatoes, but the next tire down and the one after that still held a non-frozen bounty.

A bowl full of red potatoes just harvested from the winter garden.The yield will be enough for several meals.

The potatoes that were frozen solid will remain in the garden. Our term for the wasted vegetable is called, squirt potatoes. Once thawed, they still look good but when you pick them up they squirt between your fingers!

They will decompose quickly as spring approaches thus enhancing the soil.

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