Saw On A Stick

I am not a name dropper. I don’t spend a lot of time announcing to the world a favorite brand, or new product that ‘everyone needs to try’.

There are however, things that come along once and a while that need to be announced, ideas that should be passed around and products that can save time, energy and sanity.

A product that I purchased last year has become one of my most valued tools, it is my saw on a stick. That is my name for my pole trimmer, a saw on the end of a long pole.

I had several manual pole trimmers that I used in the orchard for the fruit trees, but when it came to limbing up the fir trees in the woods, the saw/clipper duo on the end of a  pole tried my patience and my upper body strength. I am just not able to keep the sawing motion going while holding my arms above waist high for very long.

I had started looking for a gas powered saw pole trimmer, when I saw how much they weighed, I began searching around  for the lightest version possible. I knew that I would be have to carry the trimmer for good distances when working on the logging site, and when trimming in the orchard would have to hold the saw aloft for long stretches of time. Two of my brothers convinced me that the way to go was with the Ryobi brand. I was skeptical, but I decided to give it a try.

My new purchase has surprised me with how much power it has to work through tangles of limbs while being light enough to maneuver through the dense woods and the branches of the fruit trees.

The kicker that has surpassed all my expectations is the fact that this little beauty is battery powered! I would have never imagined that battery power would be strong enough to run a power saw.

A lithium battery for the ryobi pole saw trimmer.I purchased two batteries when I first bought the saw thinking that I would need to carry a backup during the longer jaunts into the forest so I would not have to come home to recharge after walking a half mile uphill to work. I have yet been able to outlast the first battery in a single session of trimming. I admit fully that the battery is tougher than me.

Between limbing up the understory at the logging site, and spring trimming in the orchard fruit trees, I have been starting to go around the fence lines around the hay fields and pruning the bothersome limbs that hang over the fence and slap the tractor drivers as they pass. The picture on the left shows a black post that need to be replaced on the fence line, I got a little too enthusiastic as I was trimming and dropped a large limb on the fence that broke a post. (I will be fixing the fence soon)


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