One of these Things is not Like the Other

The oldest calf, Stormy has been growing well and is now interested in eating when the mother cows walk into the barn.

Stormy mimics the mother cows,  steps right up to the stanchion (head gates) and sticks her head in to eat a few spears of grass hay. Her mother is the middle cow in the picture. Even though the cows weigh near 1000 lbs. each, almost 10 times the size of the little calf,  Stormy is in no danger. The mothers are aware that she is near them and will give the little one room to nibble.

Once Stormy has had a bit of hay, she moves away from the stanchion for a comfortable place to lay down and chew her cud.

A young black angus calf contentedly lays in the barn chewing her cud.She can’t have more than one little spitball of cud, but she makes a show of acting like a big cow, finding the right spot, laying down, getting comfortable, then chewing for an hour.

I think that maybe we have an actress or princess on our farm.


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