Waiting Not So Patiently

Nearing mealtime, the main herd waits along the fence line. Although they look calm, there is a lot of movement and mooing coming from the herd. They don’t want to be forgotten.

The herd of black angus cows wait patiently on the far side of a wooden fence.This time of year, the grass is not growing much and the herd depends on supplemental hay to round out their grazing. Breakfast and dinner are not optional,  the mother cows are pregnant and need the nutrition to feed their unborn calves.

We usually feed with two people to keep the mayhem from overpowering the feeder. The cows are not mean, just insistent about getting food faster than their neighbor. Jostling for position is natural and not very gentle. Those doing the feeding have to be on watch to avoid getting pinched between two hungry critters.

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