Twisty and Wrench

Black Angus mother and newborn calf in field.When doing the morning chores, we found #86 Twisty had swam across the river to find a nice spot to calve.

Wrench was busy sleeping when I caught up with the pair. By the time we got the other cows fed, Twisty had moved her baby from the field down to the river where she took him across to join the other mothers in the nursery field. Little wrench struggled to keep up with his mother while learning to swim, but made it across safely.

He did run into a little trouble trying to climb up the mud trail and he flopped a couple of times before getting the hang of it.

It was a good thing that this day turned off warm and sunny. He was dry and comfy in no time, he is happy and healthy and weighs 72 lbs.


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