Coyote Highway

A lone coyote 400 years out in a grass field.Looking out the dining room window, about 400 yards out in the grass field, coyotes have been traveling a path.

It reminds me of those old vaudeville shows where you see a man walking across the stage with a long, long ladder. Then again, you see the same man carrying the center of the ladder, then once again you see that same man walking the back end of the ladder across the stage. If I didn’t see the volume of coyotes with my own eyes, I would have thought that the string of seven who wandered the trail one after another was the same critter.

With all the howling, yipping and calling, the evenings are filled with what sounds like more than seven adults. The hills vibrate with their noises.

I was only able to capture one critter picture because they are very spooky and when they hear the door, scamper from possible lead poisoning (it’s not actually lead, it is more like buckshot). Two football fields in distance is usually a safe distance to avoid danger, but the camera caught this one.


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