Forest Replanting

Pictures of hillside where logging had created gaps in the forest are being re-planded with Douglas Fir seedlings.This photo does not do the dizzying drop down to the pasture justice. It is a good trek to get up the hill on the muddy, steep terrain. The hike was made harder by the recent rains, the mud caked on boots and slipped under feet.

Climbing uphill while sliding downhill was the case during the steeper inclines.

The paper bags hold seedlings that were strapped to a backpack for the journey uphill. Every bare spot below this site has already been replanted with the 1-2 foot Douglas Fir seedlings.

Man giving directions of the path that the trees need to be planted.During a quick stop at a flat location where we took off the backpack and caught our breath, Mike pointed the areas that needed to be planted for the day.

This year was a very easy planting year. The long, hot, extremely dry summer last year had curtailed all logging on the property. As a result we only had ordered two bags of trees that need to be replanted.

Two bags take two days to plant. Each bag contain 100 trees that were locally sourced. The planting is complete for this year, aside from any transplants that we may dig and transfer on site.


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