Pitiful Road

The road from the barn to the outside mangers has sunk into the mud leaving gouged tracks from the tractor.We have lost our road. During the late fall and winter months we use this road twice a day to take hay from the barn to the three outside mangers. Usually we use the John Deere Gator to make the trek back and forth. This year is different.

After the drought conditions of last summer and fall, I would have never imagined that we were in for such a wet winter. We set records for the amount of days of rain and for the large amounts we were getting.

Our rock road started to pothole. The holes here and there grew bigger and the spaces between holes started to form their own holes. The Gator did not have enough clearance to maneuver the obstacle course the road had become. We started using the tractor with a front loader to move the bales each feeding.

Freezing weather settled in during December and even though the road was bumpy, we were able to get back and forth, until it stopped freezing and the rains came back.

The tractor is having a hard time now, and it is still not spring yet.

Rocking the road this year has become a priority, but we will not be able to do the work until later in the year when the ground is dry. Unfortunately, this will have to wait until the ground is dry before we can level it off with the bulldozer and run the farm truck with enough rock to rebuild the foundation.



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