Only the Strong Survive

A few garden greens survivied the winter in the mini greens garden made from a wood pallet.The diy project that I first used last spring had two bountiful crops last year. Varieties of leaf lettuce, baby greens, green onions and spinach were harvested out of the little space.

I ignored the mini-garden over the winter, still a couple of the hearty mustard greens survived, I will be using them in a salad today to spice up the store bought lettuce that I have in the fridge.

Between the mustard greens, I have sown lettuce and other greens. I gave the area a good dose of diatomaceous earth (aka diatomite or DE). This slug bait is made from ground up marine fossils, it breaks down easily, is beneficial to  the soil, and will not harm pets, wildlife or people. It bothers the slugs by scratching their soft underbelly. The scratches become mortal wounds for the slugs.

If the weather continues to be mild, this mini-greens garden will be producing again throughout the spring.


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