Friar Tuck #67

We had 12 bulls out in the bull pen after weaning. They have been hanging out while they grow big enough to be sold.

After several bulls were sold, we are now down to 8  yearling bulls in the bull pen. They are now about 1000 lbs. each. A few have already had their first birthday with more birthdays still to come. They are adolescents and are trying to show the others in their pen how grown up they are. The squeaky bellows ring out and echo across the hillside. The water trough is a favorite meeting place to push, shove, bellow and butt heads  in an effort to act like a bull.

A yearling Black Angus bull standing in the bull pen.

The bull pen becomes a scrimmage field quickly as a confrontation between two animals becomes a full-fledged rumble fueled by macho bravado. 2 am seems to be the loudest, the noise has woken the household from restful sleep many nights.

As I was looking out into the bull pen, I noticed #67, Searcher, had a noticeable bump on the top of his noggin.

Black Angus bull eating hay in manger is showing off his bald spot from fighting.He has been showing off and has made himself bald in a circle on the top of his head. The Friar Tuck look is common among the yearling bulls, Searcher is the first this year for the hair-do.

I think it really shows off his nicely shaped face, don’t you?

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