I Can Still See You

Our herd sire, Renaissance, is itchy. His winter coat is starting to shed with the warmer weather we have been experiencing. Spending his day looking for a spot to do a little scratching takes over much of his day.

It looked like he was trying to play hide and seek when I noticed him near the back corner of the shop where we had a pile of lumber stacked haphazardly under the roof overhang. He found an opening about right for him to stick his head right into the pile to scratch his head and neck. When he heard me laughing, he pulled his head out of the hole, but continued to rub his twisted neck along the longer boards.

I use a curry comb on his neck, back, belly and legs while he is inside the barn during feeding time. He will stop eating and drop his head to the ground while the comb rakes through the tangle of hair. There is just so much body, I can’t get to it all, so after the meal he goes back out to do his own grooming.

It won’t be long before all those long, curly locks that he boasted during the winter will be gone and a much sleeker coat will fill in.



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