First of the Garden Greens

Well, it’s not exactly the first, I have already harvested some mustard greens and spring onions that made it through the soggy winter. I had dug up a hill of potatoes and ate half of them, the other half is sprouting and they will be cut into ‘eyes’ and re-planted for the crop this fall. And the chives has been growing nicely, I snag a few stems every couple days.

The first of the garden greens from the seeds I started in January and transplanted to the greenhouse are about ready to be trimmed. Both the lettuce and spinach like this warmer than average weather. I won’t be harvesting bucketfuls of the fresh greens yet, just a few leaves to augment the dinner salads for now.

The green peas that were planted in the greenhouse about the same time are now about two inches tall. I can already taste the sweet pods and delicate, immature peas inside, yet this event is still a couple months away! You may have already realized that peas are one of my favorites. Once the garden is not a soggy mess, a full row a peas will be planted.

[Insert pics of lettuce, spinach and peas growing in greenhouse]


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