Mud for Sale

I got it, I got a lot of it, and I am willing to sell it cheaply. Dare I say, dirt cheap?

I keep thinking about last year, all the hot, dry weather. The extreme fire danger. The fear of working or even driving in the parched grass or around the tinder-dry trees. It is truly amazing how different the weather is now.

The extremes cause havoc on the farm. It causes me extra work, which quite frankly, makes me cranky. I am much happier when everything runs smoothly.

Right now the mud is causing issues around the barn foundations, I will be going out again today to trench where the standing water threatens to run right through the barn. The mud has become too deep for the John Deere Gator that is our main feeding vehicle, we have to use a tractor instead. The high wheel clearance of the tractor, which can usually handle any mud we have, is creating deep ruts where our rock paths used to be. The nursery field has muddied up as the mother cows try to keep the babies clean.

My right-hand helper was over the other day to assist with fence building. He mentioned to me that normally we only have a couple types of mud around here, sticky silly putty, runny pancake mix, and thick water. Now we must have ten different types including slick icing, chocolate pudding, thickened gravy and clumping mud balls. When you have that many descriptions for mud, it’s time to get rid of it.

So I have decided to start selling mud. Some entrepreneurs would start small, sell a mason jar full at a time. I’m thinking truckloads, if only I could figure out how to get the sloppy goop from the ground to the truck without getting stuck…



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