No-Jumping Clods

Let’s just say that our mealtime conversations are varied. Topics can range from dirt to sky, creatures big and small, inanimate objects, world or local events, the sublime and the Divine. The other day there was an unusual phrase spouted when there was a lull in the conversation, ‘We got us some no-jumping clods out there…’  Not only was that terrifically bad grammar, it did not make a lot of sense either.

I had never heard about no-jumping clods before, so I looked out the window to see if the soil should be bouncing around but was not.

All seemed to be in order out there.

When the phrase was repeated, I set down my fork and stared at Mike until he started to explain further. ‘The fences keep getting knocked down in the back of the hay field because we have some no-jumping clods out there.’

Ah, it was all clear now. Elk are a graceful animal when it comes to jumping. They can scale fences without a sound as they bound over the top. It is like watching a herd of sheep that bounce over an obstacle, single file, one after another until they are on the other side.

Apparently, we have a couple of visitors that do not care to join in on the jumping and prefer to just go right through the fences.

Mike had me worried about his sanity for a few moments, but I guess his statement really sums up our issue. Yep, we got us a couple of no-jumping clods.


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