Do I Dare Believe

Weather forecasts are saying the upcoming week should have 4 days without rain. This will be a record for us in this soggy, soggy winter into spring. The Pacific Northwest with ocean to the West of us and the Cascade Mountain Range to the East create dynamic weather conditions that can change quickly.

My sister has a saying when referring to forecasters, she calls them weather guessers. Long range forecasts are typically a hope and a prayer. It is much safer to rely on the old weather rock in the yard. You know the one; if the rock is wet, it is raining. If it is white, it’s snowing. If it is gray, it must be sunny. That sad weather rock has not been gray very much this year.

I am clinging to the 5 day forecast with fervent hopes that the dry days will really bring the first 70 degree day since early November.  I look forward to walking in the yard without having to wear mud boots, or planting in the garden in a hole that is not filled with water.


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