Going From A Little Behind

Hard to believe, but the weather finally took a turn. With the thermometer hitting 70 degrees during the day and frost at night, the mud has started to dry.

My right-hand-helper, with his wonderful way to describe things, likened the texture of this ‘new mud’ as beyond silly putty, more modeling clay consistency. A day or two like this and the paths that were once rock may be firm enough to walk on without knee-high mud boots. That would be a treat!

The usual spring activities were at a standstill during all the rain. We couldn’t clean the barns because we couldn’t haul the manure away without getting stuck. We could not put lime on the fields without sinking the tractor. We couldn’t move the main herd to other pastures because the river was too high to cross. The logging was stalled because of fighting mud first to get the logs to the landing, then to get a truck in and out to do the hauling.

Now it seems like it all needs to be done at once. In just two days time, I went from being a little behind to being a big behind!

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