Queen of the Mountain

This week of beautiful sunshine, warm weather and drying mud has been good for the calves. They don’t hunker under the tall trees all day, rather they cavort around and lounge in the sun.

Black Angus calf standing on stump.This heifer was playing Queen of the mountain on the tallest stump she could find. She towered over the other calves, and she seemed to enjoy watching traffic go by on the rural county road just beyond the fence line.

Once on top of the stump, she started stretching (and possibly yawning), while the sun warmed her.

Black Angus calf standing on top of stump.Before long, the standing got to be too much work and she looked to find a way to lay down for a snooze.

Black Angus calf trying to lay down on stump.

It took a bit of maneuvering, but she was able to get her front legs under her before settling down to rest.

Black Angus calf laying on top of an old stump.Doesn’t look very comfortable to me, but I guess when you are Queen, a little discomfort only adds to the quality of the view.


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