#70 Handsome

Since I am now able to add photos (tentatively), I wanted to catch you up on the yearling bulls we have left to sell.

Yearlings are one year old, they are starting to build muscle mass that shows their ‘bully’ nature. Their voices are changing from squeaky adolescents to a deeper male pitch. They spend their days out in the acreage that we refer to as the bull pen where they have room to lounge under tall fir trees, or can graze on a hill side across the swamp, or can go into an open ended barn to free forage for grass hay when they want.

This is #70, Handsome. He was born 2/18/15 and weighed 72 lbs. He currently weighs about 1200 lbs.  His mother is Corey A Susanna 902 (we call her Hanna). His birth EPDs show as 1.9 a heifer bull ( which means that his offspring should not be too large, making him well suited  to breed smaller sized cows and young heifers). His American Angus Registration # is 18194287.




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