The Grass Is Greener on the Other Side

That old adage seems to ring true this spring. Our far field that is across the river twice from the house (meandering river) has been growing quickly now that the weather has warmed. We want to move the cows over to that far field so they can eat the grass down and keep it at a manageable level, but with all the rain we had since December, the river is too high for the new calves to cross.

The elk have decided that since we are not going to be pasturing that field, have moved in with a vengeance. The herd has grown since last year, there are about 40 elk that happily graze the grass that we want our cows to have.

Black Angus cows/calves in pasture with elk in the field behind them.Early mornings, when I head over to start the chores, I can see the elk over there right above the backs of our herd.

Mike has taken to going up the county road in the evenings to get to the field where he can run off what he calls ‘the filthy elk,’ but don’t seem too offended and return within a day or two.

Now that the weather has finally turned and the drying out has begun, the river will drop enough for the calves to cross with their mothers. Now I have to make sure that the fences the elk have flattened are fixed before moving the herd before moving them to the greener pasture.


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