Herd Sire Back to Main Herd

Our herd sire, Renaissance, had been keeping company with our show cows in the barn and pastures close to the house. These areas happen to be fairly close to the bull pen, where all our adolescent bulls have been gawking over the fence at the majestic movements and sounds of a herd sire in action.

Since the house and garden are located between the yearling bulls and the show animals with the herd sire, we were in a prime location to hear the serenading going on by both sides. Many evenings, our attempted slumber was punctuated by squeaky snorts on the left and soul-stirring rumbles from the right.  Usually the sounds of the herd are soothing and go un-noticed, unless it is pointed out by a visitor or becomes unusually raucous. When the noise brings you out of a solid sleep to sit bolt upright in bed, you become aware of the interruptions of the peaceful nights.

Renaissance had been moved from the main herd to the show herd more than two cycles ago, enough time for the cows to come into heat twice plus a few days. The bull has the opportunity to breed the cow with her first cycle and then get another chance the next month, just in case the cow didn’t get bred or settle during the first go-round.

He was loaded back into the stock trailer for the short trip over the bridge to the property on the other side of the river. When the trailer door was swung open, Renaissance took no time at all to go scooting out to the cows in the main herd to get reacquainted. The cows were bellering a welcome and the calves were kicking up heels and running circles around the herd. Renaissance took the greeting in stride with his own deep, throaty bellows announcing his return and daring any competition to interfere with his reign.

A Black Angus herd sire standing in grass field with budding maple tree in the back.His welcome settled quickly as all the animals went back to grazing and napping in the large grass field. Renaissance, after checking each cow with a good sniff, realized his manliness wasn’t needed at the moment and was content to start grazing as well, content to be back with the main herd.



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