Sweetening the Hay Fields

A tractor with a speader attached on the back, spreads lime on the grass field.Running late this year, applying lime to the hay fields has the tractor dodging wet spots, but at least we were able to get it applied before the weather turned too warm.

The lime/calcium is a natural soil amendment made from ground limestone. It raises the Ph balance of the ground and helps break down the manure that we spread into the hay fields as fertilizer. By this breakdown, the soil is kept porous and the grass greens quickly, just the boost we need in the spring to jump start the fields that will be harvested for hay in late June.

We use lime in the yards and in the garden to sweeten the soil. It keeps the soil healthy and plants happy.

Lime is beneficial in the barns also. After scraping and removing the manure on the cement floor where the cows stand, a liberal layer of lime is spread before letting the cows back into the area.

The lime smells like toasted marshmallows and takes away any of the sour ammonia odor left from the manure. It disinfects as well as sweetens. This simple, natural procedure helps keep the animals healthy and the barns fresh.

Since lime is just limestone rocks ground to a powder, we are not afraid to handle it without gloves. There is no concern when the cows sniff, lick, roll and lay on the additive. And for those who have asked, the answer is yes, I have tasted lime myself. Just as you would expect, it tasted like rocks.


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