Farmily Squabbles

Black cat and calico cat squaring off for a fight.On the farm, squabbles are quite usual. The farm family (farmily) doesn’t always follow species rules. Today is was Grandma and Momma cat squaring off, but I have seen tussles between cats and dogs, dogs and calves, calves and cats, squirrels and every other animal.

One-up-manship is rampant, especially during the early spring months. Animals as well as humans, get a dose of spring fever and go all goofy as the temperature rises (remember Valentine’s Day?). Seems like human sparring starts earlier than the rest of the kingdom.

The farmily  animals have their own way of dealing with those who spite them. A quick swipe, a swift kick or a head butt is usually enough to calm any of those trying to move up ladder of who is most dominant.

Pretty soon the weather will stabilize as will the natural order of the animals. Then the cats, dogs, cows, squirrels and all other beings will settle back down into peaceful co-habitation again.


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