Nearing a Pause Point

The logging that we have been doing along the old fence line, and the movement of the new fence to the correct boundary line is nearing a good spot for the time being. The old fence line and the new one are currently temporarily being held together by 2- 20 foot cattle wire panels. The logging that was being done between the two areas will be suspended (there are many other areas that need the attention of Mike and his bulldozer).

One of the trees that had been felled to make room for the fence line movement.The farm is getting busy with not only calves, but the fields are growing (these will be the hay fields in June), and the bulls are ready for sale.  The barns are in serious need of cleaning (the months of rain has caused the cleaning to be delayed). The fields need to be harrowed  and rocks picked up out of the fields so the hay equipment does not get damaged from hitting those hard buggers.

Any time that I can get away from the chores and other farm duties, I can be found working in the garden. The warmer weather has given everyone a good dose of spring fever and now with a good shot of rain all the seeds that have been planted so far should grow quickly.


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