#7 and Septagon

# 7 was missing from the herd with the morning feeding. I looked down along the river near the herd, then on the far side of the field that was under the tall fir trees along the old railroad grade, without luck. So I  took a hike out through the logged area, still without finding #7.

I drove back toward the house and over the bridge to the small 6 acre field and starting searching around the brushy areas around the outside of the field, there I found #7 with a brand new bull calf. All seemed to be going well with the new family, so I gave them a pile of hay to nibble on and left them alone.

Black Angus cow with newborn bull calf along a barb wire fence with cedar posts.In a few days, when the baby has a solid footing and is able to cross the river easily, #7 will move her calf closer to the main herd and introduce her baby.

Until then, she and her calf will enjoy this time of solitude and mother/calf bonding.

The bull, Septagon was born 4/9/2016 and weighed 75 lbs.


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