Here Birdie, Birdie, Birdie

My DIY project to save my strawberry crop is complete. The rocks that I had gathered had been painted red and set overnight. When I had a little time, I painted light green at the top of the rocks. A few days later, I added black dots (fingernail polish) to simulate the seeds of the berries. Then I added darker green at the tops and outlined the leaves.

I finished the decoy berries off with a clear spray seal.

Rocks painted to simulate strawberries.I think they turned out o.k. in an artsy-fartsy kind of way. I am hoping that the birds are cross-eyed or just plain stupid for the decoy berries to work their magic and turn the birds off the fruit altogether.

When I was describing my plan to a group of friends, one kind-hearted soul asked a question. She said, “Won’t the decoys just attract more birds?”

We shall see, grasshopper, we shall see!

'Rock' berries are placed around the berry bushes as decoys.


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