Splitting the Hay Field

This last week, after Mike had gotten the lime spread out on all the fields, we started preparations for removing the cows from the pasturing areas of the hay fields.

The first step was to install two sets of metal T-posts running between the barn and the river. Then, a row a barb wire was strung down the two sets of posts and electrified with the portable solar powered electrical fence unit.

A temporary fence installed across field with metal posts and barb wire.This creates an enclosed path so we can easily move the herd from one side of the river to the other. The field on each side of the path will not get trampled as the herd moves through and the grass will continue to grow to maturity.

The gates around the pastures/hay fields are now closed as well. The herd will be kept from grazing in these fields until it is time to harvest the grass and bale it into sweet hay.

In the meantime, the animals still have large areas to forage. The grass is now growing quickly and they will not be able to keep up with all the areas around the hay fields and up along the hillside.



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