Knocked Down, Once, Twice, Thrice

I am officially late getting the main part of the garden ready for planting.

The early peas, onions, lettuce, spinach and radishes are growing nicely as are the strawberry plants and the fruit trees. The asparagus patch that I ‘mudded’ in during February are now breaking the surface.  But, the main part of the garden had been ignored, and that changes today.

Mike had put the rototiller attachment on the little tractor and gave the garden area a once over, it was still really wet and quite ‘cloddy’. He waited a couple days and went over it again, the PTO driven tiller pulverized many of the large clods, but the ground is not quite worked enough to sow seeds, so he waited a few hours for the ground to dry out a bit more before giving it a third working.

Potatoes will be the first planted in a row of tires just like last year, then I can get in the rest of the garden with my small rototiller and work the ground so that carrots, beets and all the other small seeds can be sown and covered with fine dirt.

Danger of frost will continue for a while yet, so I am holding off planting peppers, tomatoes cucumbers and squash.



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