Mea Culpa

What was I thinking?

The post that had published on 5/6 was error riddled. Before I correct my gaffes, I want to add a little disclaimer that high school was nearly a bazillion years ago, I really don’t have a super good memory, during my chunky teenage years I didn’t pay attention to much of anything that wasn’t delicious and that I currently get confused easily!

Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, I’ll clarify my story.

Thanks to the help of a day-long string of texts with my sister, I think I may have this info correct. Initially,  I had confused my choir teachers name with the business teacher. It was not Mr. Ludwig that taught choir it was Mr. Widrig (he was a wonderful coach, a delightful human being and I regret this error).

The teacher for the business classes, including shorthand, typing, steno and all things boring (in my mind only), got me mixed up with the name of the choir teacher. When I first heard of my error (thanks sis), I identified the business teacher as Mrs. Ludwig. So now you could see how I got easily flubbed-up, the names are somewhat similar.

When my sister heard of Mrs. Ludwig, she asked about the other business teacher. That started a whole new set of texts trying to solve that puzzle. Maria finally hit the bonus point when she remembered Mr. Lundborg’s name.

Phooey ( I thought to myself), the main business teachers name wasn’t Mrs. Ludwig after all, somehow I had mixed her name with Mr. Lundborg.

I sent a new text saying her name must be Ledwith instead of Ludwig, in my mind that sounded correct and I had the feeling that I cleared up the problem. But, after ruminating and talking aloud to myself for an hour or two, the name just did not sit right. From somewhere in my addled brain,  the name Beckwith jumped at me, her  name was Lydia Beckwith!

Not only had I mixed the choir teachers name, the main business teachers name AND the business teachers counterparts name, but I mixed the business teachers first and last names up to boot.

So I think that makes things about as clear as mud for now. In the meantime, I will continue singing, so if you hear kids crying, dogs howling and cattle stampeding, you’ll know that I am blissfully skipping along, until I find out that I did something incorrect.



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