#64 and Quaint

Our cow #64, Suzy Q, had a heifer calf on 5/1/16. Quaint weighed in at 69 lbs. Although Quaint started off a little smaller than most of the other calves, Suzy Q has been supplying enough milk to give Quaint a good growth boost and she is catching up with the other calves quickly.

Suzy Q seems to like delivering heifer calves. In 2014 she had a 72 lb. heifer calf named Quark and in 2015 she had the 70 lb. heifer named Quip.

We are hoping that she starts giving birth to bull calves before we use up all the words in the dictionary.

With this birth, we are now down to our last hold out of the calving season. #99, Softly, was born in 2014 and this will be her first calf. She has been hanging out and resting comfortably in with the main herd, but we can see that she is starting to move slower and rests more than usual. She is still a couple of weeks from calving.


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