Preparing For Warm Day

The forecasts call for the hottest day of the year (we usually don’t get into the 90’s until after mid-June).  We prep for days that are extra wet, windy, stormy or hot, basically anything that is out of the ordinary. If we know about it ahead of time, we try to be ready to ensure that the herd is as comfy and safe as possible.

To prepare for this especially warm day with the local news calling for 90 degrees and above, we spent a good portion on the previous day filling all stock tanks (and the dogs water bowls), watering down pasture areas, and hauling buckets full from the river to the tubs of drinking water for the 3 critters that are in the barnyard area. We also heavily watered the garden to keep seed moist and the plants from wilting.

The pens for the show animals have been opened up so they can go down into the tall fir trees for some cooling shade with brush to graze on.

The bull pen is down to only 2 boys on one side and 3 on the other so they have plenty of space to spread out and keep comfortable.

The main herd has the hillside of timber to lounge about in the shade, we checked the spring and it is keeping the water trough full so the herd does not have to walk to the front part of the property (1/8 mile) to get water. The calves have been practicing for the warm weather by laying in the damp, swampy area that has the tall tussock grass growing. Even though no water is running through the area currently, the ground is still moist and the tall grass helps shade the little ones as they relax through the heat of the day.

As for me, I will be taking the afternoon to play in the river with the dogs. I just can’t let a hot day go by without taking advantage of a cooling splash.



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