Time Has Come to Switch Gears

Last week, I had mentioned that the time would soon come to switch from logging and fencing to preparing for the upcoming hay season. Our last two loads of logs have been shipped, and the time is now.

Moving from logging to farming is more than just pulling out different equipment. The log landing and surrounding areas will be cleaned of sticks and branches, all salvageable firewood will be cut and hauled to the stack by the outdoor furnace. While the cleanup process continues on the west end of the farm, Mike will grease and repair each piece of equipment that will be used in making hay.

Every year, the plan to repair the hay equipment during the dreary winter months, falls by the wayside. It seems that there are always other projects that take precedent over the equipment that doesn’t need to be moved or used until months later.

This procrastination takes us to the very last minutes before we need to start using the barn full of mowers, rakes, tractors, balers, loaders, truck, bale wagon, etc. I seems to always end up with a race to get the equipment functioning right down to the last minute when it is needed for the field.


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