Last But Not Least

The last calf of the season was born 5/26/2016. We were in the process of moving the herd of cows across the river and over to the area along the hillside and back along the barns when we heard a bellow. Mike was able to tell from the sounds that it was labor pains.

We continued to get the rest of the herd rounded up and moved across. We had them all counted except for #99 the last animal that was still pregnant. After getting the rest of the herd moved through gates into the correct area, we drove up the road and around the 16 acre field. There was #99, Softly, under the big maple trees. She had just delivered a 75 lb. heifer, and she was in the process of cleaning her baby up.

We decided to let mother and baby bond together for the day before moving them through the river to be with the rest of the herd.

We named the baby, B. Felden, after the actress that played Agent 99 on Get Smart, oh so many years ago.

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