Smoothing the Pitiful Roads

Now that the logging is complete for this spring on the far side of the property, Mike has been able to bring the bulldozer over to smooth up some of the deeply rutted roads from the extremely wet winter/spring. After bottoming out with the gator, and with the tractor, the ruts made the road impassable. The caterpillar was used to back-blade (run the dozer backward with the blade scraping along the ground). He had to do the run several times and even had to root out an old stump that we had gotten stuck on as we mudded around the barns.

The result of his afternoon of driving backwards means that we can now feed hay to the main herd when they go to the back of the 26 acre field to graze or hang out under the big fir trees. It also opens up the road for Mike to start gopher and mole trapping  (this is the favorite activity for the dogs, they just love to help trap). This is a yearly game that is slow getting started this year because of that darn rutted road.

It feels like we are finally starting to get caught up from all the torrents of rain and tons of mud. Just in time for the dust season to start!

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