Wasp Juice

Since the hot days last week, there has been an up-tick in the flying insects and the nests that they are making around the house and garden. It is now time for a little down-home, natural bug control.

I have been told wasps that build paper nests will not build around paper bags that are hanging from the area. Now we are not talking about the big barrel bags that are used at the grocery store for packaging a weeks worth of canned peaches. Small lunch bags puffed with air and tied with a string can be tucked into corners of doorways or under the overhang of the porch should deter the wasps. They think they are other nests and will not invade that territory. I had not heard of this control before, so the experiment will be interesting.

Out in the garden, its time to address the apple coddling moths and apple maggots. I use a concoction that also attracts and drowns wasps, hence the name Wasp Juice.

Wasp juice consists of simple ingredients mixed into an old milk jug. The jug should have the cap attached to keep out the rain. A hole cut on opposite side of the handle does not to be any larger than a golf ball. The jug is hung in the apple tree with the earliest apples. The bugs are attracted by the sweet, yeasty smell and get mired in the goo.

1/4 c. molasses

4 cups warm water

1/4 t. yeast

It’s usually the end of May to start watching for bugs and setting the first trap, more can be set out as the insect activity increases. I’m running a little late this year.







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