Update- Moles 3, Mike 2

Mike got that last mole that was causing so much trouble in the little patch of yard outside the dining room window. He ended up setting 3 traps and finally he caught the little bugger. He was not much bigger than a large mouse, it was amazing to see how much lawn he was destroying.

Just a few days later, the truth was revealed. The reason there was so much activity in the lawn was because there really was more than one varmint causing the trouble. Mounds started showing back up over the last weekend.

This third critter has been re-using the tunnel system from the previous 2 moles, he went undiscovered until Mike got #2 caught and #3 re-opened the mounds we had stomped flat.

I guess that the good news is, the soil beneath the attempt at a new lawn must be healthy, happy and loaded with worms. Otherwise, we would not see this proliferation of moles.

With a deep sigh and deeper determination to win at this mole vs. man game, the traps are set again.  With all the holes, flags, dips, and mounds, my little patch of lawn looks like a miniature golf venue.



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