I Call This Fun

Running a farm has its perks.

  1. Setting my own schedule. As long as it does not interfere with the schedules for the animals, the timber, the garden or the farm in general.
  2. Easy commute. Just have to step out the door to have some critter complaining that its time to be tended to, the dogs walked, the cats fed, the cows moved to greener pastures, or the elk herd twanging the wires as they mow down a fence.
  3. Casual dress. Every day is ‘casual Friday’ around here. I do have many sets of boots; cold weather, wet weather, gardening, flowered ones for warm summer weather, and a pair of slip-ons with just the sole and 1 inch of rubber up the sides( I call these my fancy boots, don’t wear them very often, one good cow pie messes them up).
  4. Getting to be outdoors. Even during adverse weather, the heat of summer and the cold of winter, could be while a good episode of Judge Judy is on TV or during the best part of a good book.
  5. Spending quality time with beautiful Angus herd. Sometimes in the middle of the night when worried about a delivery, or attempting to keep them out of the barn so we can clean the area when they are determined to be in the middle of all the excitement.
  6. A beautiful farmer tan. I just can’t be seen wearing anything other than jeans and t-shirt or I would blind most people.
  7. Hay season! This 2-3 week period of the year is my highlight. I am guaranteed to loose 10 lbs. during hay season even though I am eating enough food to feed an army. There is no calorie counting during hay season.

As I look back through my list, I realize that many people would not think that these are actually perks of the trade. I guess it is all in the beauty of the beholder.


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