The Weatherguessers Were Right

Meteorologists around the world set themselves up for disappointment with their daily forecasts.

However this time, they hit the schedule right on the mark. Last week, after all the backsliding over the 10 day forecast that called for 90+ degree days for the foreseeable future, our reliable/unreliable local weathermen said that clouds would build and we would get rain Wednesday evening.

During the day on Wednesday, it was muggy and high clouds scudded across the sky, but by mid-afternoon, the sky seemed to calm. The clouds looked less ominous for rain.

I looked out just before going to bed and nothing seemed to be happening, but an hour later I heard the lovely sound of raindrops on the large leaf maple tree outside my bedroom window.

Now if the weatherguessers are right again, we will be back to hay season in a couple of days. Being right 2 times in a row is not too much to ask, is it?


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