Back To The Fields

Our brief interlude of wet weather has now broken into a weather pattern that looks like it will hold clear, dry and warm for the next week or so. That means we are back to making hay.

Mike has mowed the back half of the first field. Today we will move in a fluffer, it is a 4-barrel egg beater contraption that is pulled behind a tractor and run by the PTO  drive. The fluffer picks up 2 hay rows at a time and whisks it into mixed, puffy miss-mashed grass that no longer stays in neat rows. The fluffed grass allows for air flow and the whole field dries at a more even rate than just leaving it to dry how it fell.

A rake will be the next piece of equipment in the field. The rake will take the wildly strewn spears of grass and retrain them back into neat rows again for a little more drying before we move in with the baler to compress the dry grass into finished hay.

Our 2 tractors will be busy the next week switching from one piece of equipment to another depending on what the field needs next.


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