Mayhem and Antics

The kittens have not only been growing in size by leaps and bounds since their arrival at the farm 3 weeks ago, but their physical strength, mobility and endurance increases each day.

The four-pack have slowly been expanding their territory from the back porch and garden bench to trampling the wildflower garden, and attacking the spring planted lavender.

They like to sneak around the corner of the house and invade the hidden spaces under and around the stock tanks that are filled with water for the bulls in the bull pen. They scamper back and for the under Mike’s stock trailer with attached pickup and have found a whole new play area around the stack of tin roofing that is destined for the recycle depot when we get enough salvage for a load.

Yesterday, when I drove into the driveway, the quad of kittens were on the front porch, sitting in the lawn chairs and napping. Apparently, they are quite comfortable with their surroundings.


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