I Do Believe

Viola! Eureka! Hot Dang! Yippee! I do believe that the technology that has been plaguing my wordpress site this year is truly on its way to  being a thing of the past!

It all started when I, as a novice about all things tech, took loads of pictures with my little camera that was set to capture images that took so much data the images could cover the side of a barn. The mega data was then uploaded to my website and flooded the storage space, this effectively kept me from adding any new photos to the site.

Down but not defeated, I then posted with words without pictures. Although the outcome was still daily posts about the farm, my dear readers have missed the goofy, dull and outrageous photos that I had been dutifully snapping.

As the days began to drag from weeks to months without the ability to share the pics, I slowly began to forget to even carry my little pocket camera on my daily rounds of the farm. It was like falling off a diet, a little cheating here, more cheating there, and before you know it you have to buy the next size bigger to fit your expanding expanse.

After many trials and many more false starts to correct my massive data error, and with the help of my ‘all-things-wordpress-guru’, we now seem to have the solution to my storage overload. That statement sounds wonderful, in reality having the solution is not the end, it is just the beginning.

Since we have not found a way to do this task in batches, I now I have to go back through each daily post and replace the photos that were the ones with the huge mega data with ones that have been ‘fixed’ to a more appropriate  size.  For those posts that have a single photo the switch is fairly quick, for those posts that have a gallery of pics it takes a little longer.

It is going to take me a while to get to all the posts I have been daily adding for a year and a half! I have 23 pages of 20 daily posts, that is 456 individual stories that need correcting. As of this posting, I have 5 of the 23 pages done and I am going to celebrate with adding a pic to this post.

field after hay harvestThis is what the fields look like immediately after hay harvest. With a good rain shower the dry field will turn green with new growth.







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